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Boundless 2017: Sue Surdi Designs Jewelry


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What Does This Project Mean to You


Fashion is for Every Body 2016 asks designers and models James Brown, Adam Woolard, Alex Nicely, Alicia Searcy, Ashley Hamblin, Amanda Valentine, Audra Harvey, Cat Freeze, Kelsey Hendrixson, Robbin Sinatra, Heidi McKenzie, Heidi Oechsel, Jason Jarrett, Eric Bornhop, Kimmie Jones, Laura Citron, Lorin Hendrixson, Maggie Stuhrenberg, Mark Singer, Maria Silver, Even Grey, Victoria Noble and Krystle Ramos what the project means to them


Is Nashville Accessible


Fashion is for Every Body asks Laura Citron, Ashley Hamblin, Jason Jarrett, Beth Thielman, Clint Searcy, Kimmie Jones, James Brown, Maria Silver, Evan Grey, Krystle Ramos, Amanda Valentine, Alex Nicely, Cat Freeze, Heidi Oechsel, Heidi McKenzie, Eric Bornhop, Audra Harvey, Alicia Searcy, Robbin Sinatra and Mark Singer: is Nashville socially and physically accessible?


What is Nashville Style


Fashion is for Every Body 2016 fashion designers and models Krystle Ramos, Maggie Stuhrenberg, Robbin Sinatra, Amanda Valentine, Alicia Searcy, Maria Silver, Heidi Oechsel, Jason Jarrett, Cat Freeze, Eric Bornhop, Audra Harvey, Adam Woolard, Kelsey Hendrixson, Alex Nicely and Laura Citron give us their definition of Nashville style.