Fashion is for Every Body
Fashion is for Every Body
Fashion isn't just for young, able-bodied supermodels. It's for all of us.

Photo Shoots


Seraphine Design

Our inaugural inclusive photo shoot for Summer 2017 features uniquely beautiful jewelry by Brooke Seraphine of Seraphine Design.

Seraphine Design has become one of Nashville's iconic jewelry artisans. Brooke turns her love of raw and tumbled gemstones into organically elegant statement pieces that punctuate the spectrum of Nashville style so beautifully.  The majority of her collars and cuffs are open-ended and/or adjustable which makes them perfect for women of virtually every size.

Here, they are used to complete two formal looks on opposite ends of the spectrum. Chiquita Palmer wears raw pyrite to glitz up a far-from-plain nod to menswear in a tuxedo, white button-down shirt and pumps. Ashley Hamblin is prom-ready in her magenta princess dress with a pyrite and lapis collar and raw pyrite ring.


Black by Maria Silver

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